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Harv born and raised in UK, Hertfordshire began his DJ career whilst studying at Southampton University where he was one of the most popular DJ’s on the south coast. Harv then went on to teaming up with DJ H and under the guidance of one of the best DJs on the circuit, he quickly established his name across the country. With music evidently such a huge part of his life, Harv’s desire to leave a mark on the Bhangra industry has become one step closer to reality with the forthcoming release of ‘Darshan’.

Harv has a rapidly growing fanbase on Soundcloud, with over 350,000 plays of his live mixtape series in 2015 alone and is one of the most revered DJs in the Kudos Music camp. Having been brought up in a traditional Punjabi household, Harv’s musical influences date back to his childhood, listening in to his late father’s favourites Mohd Sadiq, Ranjit Kaur and Kuldeep Manak and his own modern day favourites such as Diljit Dosanjh, Malkit Singh, Jazzy B and Tru Skool.

The energy from the crowd is the biggest buzz for Harv, and his performances always reflect this.

With his funky and eclectic style reverberating though dancefloors across the country, Harv hopes to continue making a name for himself in the industry.



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