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Jassi Singh grew up in Queens; growing up in the borough it was difficult not to have a passion for composing lyrics and spitting verses, when one is surrounded by such illustrious personalities. It was only natural for Jassi to give his own attempt at the genre, so he began writing songs at the age of 16. Having had a underlying passion for creativity and music, Jassi was influenced by his love of Hip Hop and Punjabi music on parallel levels.

His true yearning to combine both motivators into one unique style was when he moved to Mississippi; a real tongue twister for most! Whilst working at a family run business, there wasn’t much activity in this sleepy town, so he used to pass time with his friend Gunnie G in his studio rapping and creating beats. With all the time to kill, it became a regular occurrence for the duo to nip down to the studio and drop bars like prisoners on a bad day!






Husn Nagina

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